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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research and resources. If you would like to have your sexual violence related resources included in the Update, please send your materials to svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za> by close of business Wednesday. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org>.
Please note that all of our Updates are also accessible on our Facebook Notes<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexual-Violence-Research-Initiative/71822396561> page.

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

I. SVRI Members Requests
II. Sexual Violence in the News
III. Websites
IV. Online Publications/Resources
V. Journal Articles
VI. Events
VII. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities
VIII. Vacancies

I. SVRI Members Requests

1) DFID Call for Expressions of Interest in a Global Drivers of Change Study on Violence against Women & Girls

DFID is pleased to announce a call for expressions of interest to you or any of your contacts to undertake a Global Drivers of Change Study on Violence against Women & Girls. Please feel free to circulate amongst your networks. If you are interested and able to deliver the study by 30 September 2012, then please submit a 2 page (max) proposal explaining how you would approach the study and the CV and fee rate for the individual proposed for this study. Terms of reference can be requested from Arvind Mungur at a-mungur at dfid.gov.uk<mailto:a-mungur at dfid.gov.uk>. Arvind would be grateful for your expressions of interest to be sent by 17:00 Tuesday 14 August 2012.

2) No To Violence Survey

No To Violence<http://www.ntv.org.au/> (NTV) and the Men's Referral Service<http://www.mrs.org.au/> (MRS) are updating the organisations' communications and publications strategy. They are also reviewing how and where their publications might best be published. They are keen to learn how you value NTV/MRS information and resources. Given the rapidly changing ways people are accessing information, advice and support, they would also want to know how you would prefer to receive/access information from NTV and the MRS in the future. Please participate in the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RQZBQBT. Thanks you for participating in this review of NTV and MRS publications.

3) Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Programming Survey

Stop it Now!<http://www.stopitnow.org/> would like you to complete a brief survey to help them understand your needs and interest in child sexual abuse prevention.  Your feedback will help them tailor their services and help them make a case for funding for prevention programming. The survey can be accessed at: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e4w51mtjgsudw9ew/a0135h5owpei1/questions.

4) Call for Women's Trauma Stories for Anthology

Christine Stark and Fred Amram are seeking personal stories about trauma for an anthology. Trauma is defined widely, including witnessing and/or experiencing a traumatic event or events during genocide, war, sexual violence, domestic violence, race/gender/religious/sexual orientation-based violence, childhood abuse, natural catastrophes and more.

By sharing a diversity of stories, the editors expect to illuminate similarities among trauma survivors despite obvious differences of geography, culture, age, gender, and type of trauma. At an art workshop for survivors of violence and genocide, we noticed that survivors of genocides in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as sexual violence in the U.S. discovered profound connections with each other across boundaries.  This anthology is inspired by the post-trauma commonalities experienced by survivors.

The editors are looking for personal stories which examine impacts of traumatic experiences with significant literary merit. Previously published work is permissible but new work is much preferred. Submissions close: 1 December 2012. For more information, contact: trauma.book at yahoo.com<mailto:trauma.book at yahoo.com> or visit: www.christinestark.com<http://www.christinestark.com> and www.fredamram.com<http://www.fredamram.com>.

II. Sexual Violence in the News

Message from SRSG on Violence against Children on the occasion of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples "Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices", UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children, 9 August 2012<http://srsg.violenceagainstchildren.org/story/2012-08-09_507>: The past years have been marked by a strengthening of the rights of indigenous peoples, including the rights of indigenous children. Together with other international standards, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols remain a crucial reference in this regard.

United States: New Report on States' Anti-Trafficking Laws, Stop Violence against Women, 8 August 2012<http://www.stopvaw.org/united_states_new_report_on_states_anti-trafficking_laws.html>: This year's report finds many improvements across the nation - 17 states improved from their 2011 ratings and 28 states passed new trafficking laws in the past year.

Human Rights Council Advisory Committee Discusses Traditional Values and Human Rights, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 6 August 2012<http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=12414&LangID=E>: The Human Rights Council Advisory Committee this afternoon took up the preliminary study on promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms through a better understanding of traditional values of humankind.

When Domestic Abusers Most Likely To Attack Revealed By Jailhouse Phone Calls, Medical News Today, 3 August 2012<http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/248565.php>: An analysis of jailhouse phone calls between men charged with felony domestic violence and their victims allowed researchers for the first time to see exactly what triggered episodes of violent abuse.

Schools Just Don't Have 'Zero' Sex Harassment, Women's eNews, 2 August 2012<http://womensenews.org/story/sexual-harassment/120801/schools-just-dont-have-zero-sex-harassment>: Penn State has raised the national volume on school silence about sex harassment. But the AAUW's Linda Hallman says many administrators still seem clueless about their legal responsibility to protect under Title IX.

Breaking the Ghostly Silence on Rape, Inter Press Service News Agency, 30 July 2012<http://www.ipsnews.net/2012/07/breaking-the-ghostly-silence-on-rape/>: It was the ghostly silence that struck him hardest as he walked through the Colombo suburb of Kirulapone the day after the lifeless body of a six-year-old girl had been discovered floating in a filthy canal, Kumar de Silva, a well-known local media personality, told IPS.

As Primary School Children Look Forward to the Holidays, Thousands of Young Girls Could be Facing the Summer Cutting Season, Huffington Post, 20 July 2012<http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/annmarie-wilson/children-female-gential-mutilation_b_1686559.html?utm_hp_ref=uk>: It's often thought that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an atrocity that occurs far away from our own schools and our own children in the UK; in deepest, darkest Africa. But the reality could not be more different.

III. Websites

SVRI Research Tools Page<http://www.svri.org/tools.htm>: The SVRI has revised and updated our Research Tools page to bring together methodologies based on best practice in gender-based violence research.

The Virtual Knowledge Centre to End VAWG: Screening Tools<http://www.endvawnow.org/en/articles/667-consider-routine-screening.html>: This webpage contains a section on screening, including some of the tools that currently exist. Information is available in English, French and Spanish. [Source: Prevent-Connect].

IV. Online Publications/Resources

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: Principles and Interventions. World Health Organization, 2012:<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75179/1/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.18_eng.pdf> This is a summary of the report from a meeting on Responding to the psychosocial and mental health needs of sexual violence survivors in conflict-affected settings, organized by the WHO, with UNFPA and UNICEF, on behalf of United Nations Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict (UNAction). The document also identifies 10 Myths<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75177/3/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.17_eng.pdf> in relation to mental health and social support for conflict-related sexual violence. The Summary<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75180/1/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.18_fre.pdf> and Myths<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75178/1/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.17_fre.pdf> are available in French. [Source: WHO].

Do's and Don'ts in Community-Based Psychosocial Programming in Regard to Sexual Violence in Conflict-Affected Settings. World Health Organization, 2012<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75175/1/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.16_eng.pdf>: This document promotes good practices and intends to reduce harmful practices by community-based psychosocial programmes that address sexual violence in conflict settings. Also available in French<http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/75176/1/WHO_RHR_HRP_12.16_fre.pdf>. [Source: WHO].

Documentary: An Unspeakable Act (Episode 2), BBC World Service, 2012<http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00vxx55>: The Democratic Republic of Congo is known as the 'rape capital of the world' and the terrible experiences of the women who live in the region has been widely documented. Less well known is the fact that an astonishing 22% of the region's men have also suffered from sexual violence. In the 2nd part of the issue, award winning writer and Guardian journalist Will Storr travels to Kampala, Uganda to meet the male refugees from the neighbouring DRC. [Source: BBC World Service].

Women and Girls Bearing Children through Rape in Goma, Eastern Congo: Stigma, Health and Justice Responses. Liebling H, Slegh H & Ruratotoye B. Itupale Online Journal of African Studies, Volume IV, 2012<http://www.cambridgetoafrica.org/resources/Liebling_Slegh_and_Ruratotoye_Itupale_2012.pdf>: This article reports on British Academy funded research that examined the impact of bearing a child from rape, and the related health and justice responses. The findings show the negative impact that rape and bearing a child has on Congolese society, and how this impedes the successful achievement of key MDGs. [Source: Cambridge to Africa].

eLetter: Women's Voices, Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice, August 2012<http://www.iccwomen.org./news/docs/WI-WomVoices8-12-FULL/WomVoices8-12.html>: This eLetter provides updates and analysis on political developments, the pursuit of justice and accountability, the participation of women in peace talks and reconciliation efforts from the perspective of women's rights activists within armed conflict situations. [Source: AWID].

Webcast: Johns Hopkins Women's Health Research Group 5th Annual Spring Symposium, "Responding to Violence against Women: Emerging Evidence, Implementation Science and Innovative Interventions", 2012:<http://www.hopkins-whrg.org/> A webcast of this symposium and the presentations is now archived and available for viewing. [Source: Mid-Atlantic Public Health Training Center].

Integrating Gender in Care and Support of Vulnerable Children: A Guide for Program Designers and Implementers. Doggett E & Medrano T. FHI 360, July 2012<http://www.fhi360.org/NR/rdonlyres/eiwkiqjhkmijufmtd5kboj676vmmpghfv7ufiezdl4iudslsaockevsihlqfqzfmlroy3uippa6xda/GenderIntegrationGuide1.pdf>: This gender integration guide was developed for organizations that implement care and support programs for children made vulnerable by HIV & AIDS. These programs aim to improve the physical, emotional and socio-economic well-being of vulnerable children by providing comprehensive services to them and their families according to their individual needs. [Source: IGWG].

Effective Approaches to Addressing the Intersection of Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS: Findings from Programmes Supported by the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, 2012<http://saynotoviolence.org/sites/default/files/u1/UNTF_AIDS%20Report_07_20_RD4.pdf>: The aim of this study was to explore the context in which cohort projects sought to implement integrated HIV/violence programming, to highlight promising approaches, and to make recommendations for future programming in this area. [Source: IGWG].

Female Genital Mutilation: Report of a Research Methodological Workshop on Estimating the Prevalence of FGM in England and Wales. Equality Now, 2012<http://www.equalitynow.org/sites/default/files/UK_FGM_Workshop_Report.pdf>: This workshop report  describes the methodological options for the collection of robust prevalence data on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in England and Wales. [Source: IGWG].

National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010 Summary Report. Black M.C, Basile K.C, Breiding M.J, Smith S.G, Walters M.L, Merrick M.T, Chen J & Stevens M.R. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011<http://www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/pdf/NISVS_Report2010-a.pdf>: This report presents information related to several types of violence that have not previously been measured in a national population-based survey, including types of sexual violence other than rape; expressive psychological aggression and coercive control, and control of reproductive or sexual health. [Source: Prevent-Connect].

Men's Attitudes and Practices Regarding Gender and Violence against Women in Bangladesh: Preliminary Findings. Tabassum Naved R, Huque H, Farah S, Mizanur M & Shuvra R. icddr,b Special Publication No. 135, 2011<http://www.partners4prevention.org/files/resources/final_report_bangladesh.pdf>: The evidence shows that many men do not use violence - we must reach out to such men so that they can become partners in social justice work. This study offers hope that together we can create a future of peace and equality for all. [Source: Partners for Prevention].

Sexual Violence against People with Disabilities: Data Collection and Barriers to Disclosure. Rape Crisis Network Ireland, October 2011<http://www.rcni.ie/uploads/SexualViolenceAgainstPeopleWithDisabilities2011.pdf>: This report examines 5 service-based data collection models. As service-based data can only reflect the users of any particular service, barriers to disclosure of sexual violence among people with disabilities are also examined. [Source: RCNI].

V. Journal Articles

Please note, to obtain a full copy of a journal article you may write to the author given as the contact person by the respective publishing house to request a copy.

'Expanding Your Mind': The Process of Constructing Gender-Equitable Masculinities in Young Nicaraguan Men Participating in Reproductive Health or Gender Training Programs. Global Health Action, 5: 17262, 2012<http://www.globalhealthaction.net/index.php/gha/article/view/17262>: This study aims to explore notions of various forms of masculinities in young Nicaraguan men participating in programs addressing sexual health, reproductive health, and/or gender equality; and to find out how these young men perceive their involvement in actions aimed at reducing violence against women (VAW). [Source: Zunia Update].

Child Contact Centers and Domestic Abuse: Victim Safety and the Challenge to Neutrality. Morrison F & Wasoff F. Violence against Women, ePub Ahead of Print, 2012<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22855127>: Drawing from a literature review carried out by the authors, this article examines the priorities that underpin feminist social policy and family law disciplines and how these manifest in research on contact centers and domestic abuse. [Source: PubMed].

Gender-based violence against women the Aymara ethnic in northern Chile. Zapata-Sepúlveda P, Fernández-Dávila P, Sánchez-Gómez M.C. Rev Psiquiatr Salud Ment, 5(3):167-72, 2012<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22854611>: This article analyses gender-based violence against women considering the Aymara ethnic ascendance as a casual factor. Article only available in Spanish. [Source: PubMed].

Exposure to Harsh Parenting and Pornography as Explanations for Males' Sexual Coercion and Females' Sexual Victimization. Simons L.G, Simons R.L, Lei M.K & Sutton T.E Violence Vict.;27(3):378-95, 2012:<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22852438> This study uses a sample of more than 2,000 college students to investigate the extent to which exposure to harsh parenting practices and sexually explicit materials contributes to perpetration and victimization. [Source: PubMed].

Repressed and Silent Suffering: Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse for Women's Health and Well-Being. Sigurdardottir S, Halldorsdottir S. Scand J Caring Sci, ePub Ahead of Print, 2012<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22849608>: The purpose of this study was to examine the consequences of childhood sexual abuse for women's health and well-being. The research methodology was phenomenology. [Source: PubMed].

Violence against Women with Chronic Maternal Disabilities in Rural Bangladesh. Naved R.T, Blum L.S, Chowdhury S, Khan R, Bilkis S, Koblinsky M. J Health Popul Nutr, 30(2):181-92, 2012<http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22838160>: This study explores violence against women with chronic maternal disabilities in rural Bangladesh. [Source: PubMed].

Investigating the Association between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Alcohol Use Disorders in Women: Does it Matter How We Ask about Sexual Abuse? Sartor C.E, McCutcheon V.V, Nelson E.C, Duncan A.E, Bucholz K.K, Heath A.C. J. Stud. Alcohol Drugs, 73(5): 740-748, 2012<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5b%5d=citjournalarticle_372736_24>: This article determines whether the type of questions used to assess childhood sexual abuse (CSA) introduces systematic bias into estimations of the magnitude of the association between CSA and alcohol use disorders (AUDs). [Source: SafetyLit].

Prevalence and Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse: A National Study. Pérez-Fuentes G, Olfson M, Villegas L, Morcillo C, Wang S, Blanco C. Compr. Psychiatry, ePub, 2012<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5b%5d=citjournalarticle_372838_24>: This study examines the prevalence, correlates, and psychiatric disorders of adults with history of child sexual abuse (CSA). [Source: SafetyLit].

Sexual Abuse in Prepubertal Children and Adolescents. Herrmann B, Navratil N. Endocr. Dev, 22: 112-137, 2012<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5b%5d=citjournalarticle_372621_24>: This study describes the importance of medical evaluation of sexually abused children to be integrated into a multiprofessional concept of child protection. [Source: SafetyLit].

Psychopathy and Predatory Violence in Homicide, Violent, and Sexual Offences: Factor and Facet Relations. Declercq F, Willemsen J, Audenaert K, Verhaeghe P. Leg. Crim. Psychol, 17(1): 59-74, 2012<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5b%5d=citjournalarticle_372293_20>: The present study investigated the violence mode and its relationship with psychopathy on factor as well as on facet levels. [Source: SafetyLit].

VI. Events

Webinar: Voices of Experience: The Role of Direct Experience in Efforts to End Child Sexual Abuse, 30 August 2012<http://preventconnect.org/2012/08/web-conference-ending-child-sexual-abuse-4/>. Adult survivors, their families, and many others affected by sexual violence have been powerful in raising awareness of the problem of child sexual abuse throughout the history of this work.  This web conference focuses on practical ways to engage voices of experience in prevention efforts. Register online. [Source: Prevent-Connect].

CJCP International Youth Violence Prevention Conference, 6 - 8 November 2012, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania<http://www.cjcpyouthconference.org.za/assets/content-about.php?A_ID=1>. The Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention will be hosting this conference In response to the increasing need for effective responses to both youth-specific violence, as well as to violence in general. The Scientific Programme Committee invites submissions of abstracts from researchers, policy-makers, academics and practitioners. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words, for presentation on topics that are aligned with the general conference themes. Abstract submissions close: 14 September 2012.

The No To Violence 2012 Australasian Conference on Responses to Men's Domestic and Family Violence: Experience, Innovations and Emerging Directions, 14 - 16 November 2012, Melbourne, Australia<http://ntv.org.au/conference/>. No To Violence (NTV) invites practitioners, program providers, policy workers, academics and other interested individuals and agencies to a conference about working with men who use domestic and family violence, and supporting those (primarily women and children) affected by their violence. Registration is now open.  [Source: NTV].

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm

VII. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities

Call for Submissions: International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific: Information on Access to Justice<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Calls-for-Participation2/Call-for-Submissions-IWRAW-Asia-Pacific-Information-on-Access-to-Justice>. IWRAW Asia Pacific is continuing to strengthen their strategy on women's accessed to justice. At this time IWRAW Asia Pacific is again compiling information on the barriers women face when trying to access justice at the national level to update our analysis. IWRAW is seeking specific information from you. Submissions close: 16 August 2012. [Source: AWID].

Call for Applications: Access Innovation Prize 2012<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Calls-for-Participation2/Call-for-Applications-Access-Innovation-Prize-2012>. The Access Innovation Prize is a new initiative that will award 5 lots of US$20,000 to individuals, organizations or networks that have the best actionable ideas of how to use information technology to promote and enable human rights or deliver a social good outcome. $100,000 will be granted in 2012. Applications close: 31 August 2012. [Source: AWID].

Call for Submissions: Women's Edition 2012 - 2014<http://www.prb.org/About/InternationalPrograms/Projects-Programs/InternationalMedia/applications2012.aspx>. The Population Reference Bureau is once again inviting applications to its Women's Edition program. Launched in 1993, Women's Edition brings together senior-level women journalists-editors, reporters, and producers-from developing countries to examine important topics related to women's reproductive health and development. Submissions close: 5 September 2012. [Source: IGWG].

Funding Opportunity: UN Women Pacific Regional EVAW Facility Fund<http://unwomenpacific.org/pages.cfm/our-programmes/evaw/pacific-fund/2012-call-for-proposals.html>. This Fund provides grants and capacity development to support civil society organizations and Pacific Island governments to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls (VAWG) using a human rights and gender-responsive approach. Applications close: 12 September 2012. [Source: Pacwin].

Scholarship Opportunity: 2012-2013 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars<http://www.rwjf.org/applications/solicited/cfp.jsp?ID=21395&utm_source=NRCDV+Funding+Alert&utm_campaign=73cff20136-Funding_Alert_Test_August8_7_2012&utm_medium=email>. Selected scholars will build on the nation's knowledge on population health. The two main goals will be to investigate the connections among biological, genetic, behavioral, environmental, economic and social determinants of health; and to develop knowledge, policies and practices that integrate and act on these determinants to improve health. Applications close: 21 September 2012. [Source: Funding Alert].

Funding Opportunity: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Trust Fund 2013<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Calls-for-Participation2/Call-for-Proposals-UN-Permanent-Forum-on-Indigenous-Issues-Trust-Fund-2013>. The Trust Fund for the Second Decade was established to promote, support and implement the objectives of the Decade. The Advisory Group for the Trust Fund for the Second Decade consists of members of the Permanent Forum's Bureau. Indigenous organizations or organizations working for indigenous peoples can apply for small grants from the Trust Fund. Applications close: 1 October 2012. [Source: AWID].

Funding Opportunity: US State and Territory - Project Connect: A Coordinated Public Health Initiative to Prevent and Respond to Violence Against Women<http://content.govdelivery.com/attachments/USOPHSOWH/2012/08/02/file_attachments/146560/Project%2BConnect%2BState_Territory%2BRFP.pdf?utm_source=NRCDV+Funding+Alert&utm_campaign=73cff20136-Funding_Alert_Test_August8_7_2012&utm_medium=email>. Futures without Violence and the Office on Women's Health are inviting applications to participate in an exciting multi-year, multi-state initiative to improve the health and safety of women and children by improving the public health response to domestic and sexual violence. Applications close: 15 October 2012. [Source: Funding Alert].

SVRI Funding Links Page: For details on funders who have funding sources available for research on sexual violence visit: http://www.svri.org/funding.htm

VIII. Vacancies

Senior Project Officer<mailto:famsapmb at sai.co.za> / HEARD and FAMSA Pietermaritzburg / Pietermaritzburg, South Africa / Closing date: August 13, 2012.

Consultant to Develop Bougainville Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security<http://unwomenpacific.org/pages.cfm/about-unwomenpacific/vacancies-1/> / UN Women Pacific / Bougainville, Papua New Guinea / Closing date: August 17, 2012. [Source: Pacwin].

Legal Director<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Legal-Director> / Equal Rights Advocates / San Francisco, CA, USA / Open until filled. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

GenCap French-Speaking (Gender) Advisers<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/GenCap-French-Speaking-Gender-Advisers> / Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) / Apply ASAP. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Gender and Reproductive Health Advisor<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-and-Reproductive-Health-Advisor> / Pathfinder International / Mozambique. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Advisor<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Monitoring-Evaluation-and-Learning-Advisor> / Womankind Worldwide / London, UK / Closing date: August 21, 2012. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

International Technical Consultant on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Sex Ratio at Birth Imbalance (SRB)<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/International-Technical-Consultant-on-Gender-Based-Violence-GBV-and-Sex-Ratio-At-Birth-Imbalance-SRB> / UNFPA Vietnam Country Office / Ha Noi, Vietnam / Closing date: August 31, 2012. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

International Consultant<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/International-Consultant> / UN Women Vietnam Country Office / Location: Home-based with travel to Vietnam / Closing date: August 20, 2012. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Request for Proposals<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Request-for-Proposals> / UN Women / Myanmar / Deadline: August 12, 2012. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Short Term Consultant, Promising Practices Workshop (GBV - WPE)<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Short-Term-Consultant-Promising-Practices-Workshop-GBV-WPE> / The International Rescue Committee (IRC) / Location: Home-based with travel to Uganda. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Name It. Change It. Fall Intern<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Name-It.-Change-It.-Fall-Intern> / Women's Media Center / Washington, DC, USA. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].

Regional Communication Officer<http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Jobs-Around-the-World/Regional-Communication-Officer> / Equality Now / Nairobi, Kenya / Closing date: August 10, 2012. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday, 6 August 2012].


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

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