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Call for Expression of Interest: to participate in a multi-country project that to build the evidence base for preventing sexual violence through parenting and/or school-based interventions

Dear SVRI Colleagues,

The evidence base for preventing sexual violence is still in its infancy, however there is enough knowledge to begin developing and testing components for the creation of multi-component sexual violence community based prevention models (World Health Organization, 2010).  Over the past two years, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative has reviewed available evidence globally on various aspects of primary prevention and perpetration of sexual violence. This process looked at the evidence for the prevention of child abuse and neglect through parenting programmes (Knerr et al., 2011, McCLoskey, 2011); engaging men and boys in the prevention of sexual violence (Ricardo et al., 2012), the risk factors underlying perpetration (Jewkes, 2012).  The review of the literature on perpetration identifies the following amenable risk factors for the prevention of sexual violence perpetration: Adverse childhood exposures; attachment and personality disorders; social learning and delinquency; gender inequitable masculinities; substance abuse; and firearms (Jewkes, 2012).

Through this project the SVRI will work with partners to strengthen the evidence base for primary prevention of sexual violence in low and middle income countries (LMIC) by supporting the adaptation and testing of promising interventions for the primary prevention of sexual violence through the following approaches: parenting interventions to prevent exposure to adverse childhood events, and prevention of GBV in schools to address gender inequitable masculinities.

The project aim:

The SVRI aims to build the evidence base for prevention of sexual violence through adapting and testing parenting and / or school-based GBV prevention interventions in low and middle income countries.

Key planned project activities:

Key activities planned for this three year project include:

*         Workshop on the adaptation and testing of promising primary prevention interventions at a country level: project partners will be invited to a workshop on interventions for the primary prevention of sexual violence, where different interventions will be presented and methods/plans for their adaptation and testing at a country level discussed.

*         In-country Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) develop and implement proposals for the adaptation and testing of interventions in the focus area of interest: on returning to countries, teams will be asked to refine and submit country proposals for the adaptation and testing of interventions at a country level.

*         Technical support: the SVRI, through this proposal, will provide teams with ongoing technical support and resources to adapt and test the intervention over a two to three year period. This will include support for in-country workshops and research.

*         Share and disseminate project lessons both within countries and globally: we will use SVRI e-technologies to share project lessons and experiences both within country, regionally and globally. Project partners will be required to send a team member to participate in the SVRI Forum 2013 to share lessons and experiences regarding the adaptation and testing of prevention programmes in resource-poor settings.

Your application:

The SVRI and our partners invite institutions working in low and middle income countries to submit proposals to participate in this project. Preference will be given to applications from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. In your proposal we ask that you:

*         Outline a local, multi-disciplinary team of people committed to working on the project over a period of three years and possibly longer with expertise in: research, intervention development, practice and advocacy. The team should reflect a partnership between researchers and practitioners. Although a multi-disciplinary team is a requirement for the application, each application must have only one main applicant who will be recipient of funds that may be disbursed as a result of this proposal.

*         Provide an overview of key stakeholders and work currently being done on primary prevention in the country in either one or both of the focus areas i.e. parenting or GBV prevention programmes in schools.

*         Detail how participation in this project will support and enhance your current work.

*         Detail the members and roles of the country based multi-disciplinary teams (4/5 per country).

Applications from locally based institutions that have a track record in research or are from NGOs with a track record in both research and service delivery; and have the institutional capacity to manage such complex projects will be prioritised. Please provide recent CVs [the names, designation, place of work and contact details] for members of the multi-disciplinary team that you envisage will participate in the project, with the understanding that your multi-disciplinary team should be technically able and professionally empowered to adapt and promote the prevention interventions at country level. Applications from individuals will not be accepted.

Deadline for expression of interest

Please send your expression of interest to svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za> by Monday 3rd December 2012.
Please direct inquiries to Elizabeth Dartnall, email: elizabeth.dartnall at mrc.ac.za<mailto:elizabeth.dartnall at mrc.ac.za> or svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>.
This call for expression of interest is also available online at: http://www.svri.org/CallExpressionofInterests.pdf.

Kind regards,
SVRI Secretariat

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