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GBV Research Science Fair
The Global Women's Institute (GWI) has partnered with SVRI on a global research contest the GBV Research Science Fair using WeShareScience.com<http://wesharescience.com/5-Minute-Science-Fair> - an innovative platform for sharing research.

At WeShareScience.com<http://wesharescience.com/5-Minute-Science-Fair> researchers and the public can browse through 5 min videos of researchers presenting upcoming or completed research.

SVRI and the GWI invite you to enter the GBV Science Fair by posting a short - 5 minute video of your GBV research on WeShareScience.com<http://wesharescience.com/5-Minute-Science-Fair>

Why enter?

*       Share your research broadly

*       Promote Safe and Ethical GBV research

*       $$$ prize to those with the best video

*       $1000 USD to the winner and a chance to win up to $4000 USD

What should be in your video?
Your 5 minute video should include:

*       Your name and institution,

*       Study background and related work,

*       Approach & methods,

*       Ethical challenges and dilemmas,

*       Results & contribution to the field.

*       Your email address
A sample script is available here<https://globalwomensinstitute.gwu.edu/gbv-5-minute-science-fair>.

The research contest will be formally launched at the SVRI Forum 2013, Tuesday 1-230pm, Riverside I (room).

How to enter?
You can enter the GBV Science Fair by posting your video online at: http://wesharescience.com/gbv-Science-Fair.

How to create your video?

1.      SVRI Forum 2013<http://www.svri.org/forum2013> participants: Colleagues from GWI will be available to help record videos at the SVRI Forum. To schedule a shoot at the Forum you must sign up online here<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YmUtoh7yJKVQ4mPVHytgqDilTeiQ8rt_2qA7kREylKk/viewform>.  Once your video shoot time has been confirmed, and your video recorded, colleagues from GWI will then help you post the link on-line to enter it into the Science Fair.

2.      Other options: If you are not attending the Forum, or wasn't able to schedule a time to record your video at the Forum you can use the user friendly tools available to everyone at http://wesharescience.com/5-Minute-Science-Fair.

So what are you waiting for?
Tell us what type of GBV you are researching, the target population and your methodology in 5minutes.
The videos with the most followers will become our 10 finalists.
Three videos will be selected by an expert panel to receive a cash prize of up to $4000 to put towards your research.

The GBV Science Fair closes on December 31st 2013
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