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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research and resources. If you would like to have your sexual violence related resources included in the Update, please send your materials to svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org>. Please note that the SVRI Updates are also available on our Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexual-Violence-Research-Initiative/71822396561?fref=ts> page.

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

I.       Journal articles

II.           Online publications and resources

III.         Websites

IV.         Research opportunities, grants and funding

V.          Advocacy and awareness-raising

VI.         News

VII.        Events

VIII.      Vacancies

I.                   Journal articles

Please note, to obtain a full copy of a journal article you may write to the author given as the contact person by the respective publishing house to request a copy.

Comprehensive development and testing of the ASIST-GBV, a screening tool for responding to gender-based violence among women in humanitarian settings. Wirtz A.L, Glass N, Pham K, Perrin N, Rubenstein L,S. Singh S. Vu A. Conflict and Health. 10 (7), 1-14, 2016<http://download.springer.com/static/pdf/118/art%253A10.1186%252Fs13031-016-0071-z.pdf?originUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fconflictandhealth.biomedcentral.com%2Farticle%2F10.1186%2Fs13031-016-0071-z&token2=exp=1461665516~acl=%2Fstatic%2Fpdf%2F118%2Fart%25253A10.1186%25252Fs13031-016-0071-z.pdf*~hmac=106ee4584fa9ed21ef63e703bc641176392d9bd33b70d746cd634c190a835b99>: The ASIST-GBV screening tool was developed and tested for use in humanitarian settings to help improve access to existing GBV services and facilitate reporting. [Source: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health].

Differential risk for homelessness among US male and female veterans with a positive screen for military sexual trauma. Brignone E, Gundlapalli A.V, Blais R.K, Carter M.E, Suo Y. Samore M.H, Kimerling R, Fargo J.D, JAMA Psychiatry. 2016<http://archpsyc.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=2515956#Introduction>: This study evaluates military sexual trauma as an independent risk factor for homelessness and determines whether risk varies by sex. [Source: JAMA Network].

Understanding date rape attitudes and behaviours: exploring the influence of race, gender, and prior sexual victimization. Williams L.V.M.Q, Porter J.L, Smith T.R. Vict. Offender. 11(2): 173-198, 2016<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_518506_20>: This exploratory investigation examines the influence of race, gender, and prior sexual victimization on attitudes and behaviors related to date rape from a large sample of college students (n = 3,084) in the United States. [Source: Safetylit]

Facilitating a school-based prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children. Kruger A.C, Harper E, Zabek F, Collins S, Perkins C, Meyers J. Health Promot. Pract. ePub, 2016<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_518297_24>: This article describes the challenges of developing and researching a school-based prevention program using the participatory culture-specific intervention model. [Source: Safetylit].

Allostatic perspectives in women veterans with a history of childhood sexual assault. Groer M.W, Kostas-Polston E.A, Dillahunt-Aspillaga C, Beckie T.M, Johnson-Mallard V, Duffy A, Evans M.E. Biol. Res. Nurs. ePub, 2016<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_518128_24>: This study determines the relationship between women veterans' child sexual assault history and later sexual assault history; it also determines the relationships between women veterans' child sexual assault and primary mediators and secondary and tertiary outcomes of allostasis. [Source: Safetylit].

Ecological pathways to prevention: How does the SASA! Community mobilisation model work to prevent physical intimate partner violence against women? Abramsky T, Devries K.M, Michau L, Nakuti J, Musuya T, Kiss L, Kyegombe N, Watts C. BMC Public Health.16(1), e339, 2016<http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_518137_3>: This secondary analysis of data from the SASA! Study explores the pathways through which SASA! A community mobilisation intervention to prevent violence against women, achieved community-wide reductions in physical IPV. [Source: Safetylit].

II.                 Online publications and resources

SVRI Forum 2015 pre-conference workshop reflections: Building and sustaining fruitful partnerships between activists and researchers. Anik G. Namy S.<http://www.svri.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2016-04-08/BuildingFruitfulPartnerships%20SVRI%20Forum%202015%20pre-conference%20workshop.pdf> 2016: Research-practitioner partnerships are essential to advance the field of sexual and intimate partner violence towards innovative and effective prevention and response solutions. Such collaborations have enormous potential for combining complementary, multi-disciplinary strengths to generate meaningful and relevant knowledge that can be easily translated into action. Read more Online<http://www.svri.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2016-04-08/BuildingFruitfulPartnerships%20SVRI%20Forum%202015%20pre-conference%20workshop.pdf>.

Women engaging in transactional sex and working in prostitution: practices and underlying factors of the sex trade in South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mwapu I. Hilhorst D. Mashanda M. Bahananga M. Mugenzi M. 2016<http://securelivelihoods.org/publications_details.aspx?resourceid=394> (pdf): Transactional sex and prostitution form a significant part of everyday urban life in South Kivu, DRC. This SLRC<http://www.securelivelihoods.org/> report examines the importance of transactional sex as an element in women's survival strategies and seeks to understand women's motivations and their agency in engaging in prostitution and transactional sex [Source: SLRC].

The many faces of transactional sex: women's agency, livelihoods and risk factors in humanitarian contexts: A Literature Review. Formson C. Hilhorst D. 2016<http://securelivelihoods.org/publications_details.aspx?resourceid=393> (pdf): Transactional sex is just one of the coping mechanisms that women adopt in humanitarian crisis. This SLRC<http://www.securelivelihoods.org/> paper explores its complex relationship with livelihoods and the multiple risks and vulnerabilities that women engaging in it face [Source: SLRC].

Getting the balance right? Sexual violence response in the DRC: a comparison between 2011 and 2014. Douma N. Hilhorst D. Matabaro J. 2016<http://securelivelihoods.org/publications_details.aspx?resourceid=392>: The Democratic Republic of Congo is known internationally for the conflict-affected sexual violence that has scarred a very large number of victims. This joint report from SLRC<http://www.securelivelihoods.org/> and JSRP<http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/jsrp/> compares sexual violence response programmes in 2011 and 2014 and asks if we have got the balance right [Source: SLRC].

Evaluation (2013-2016) shows: Medica Gjakova in Kosovo offers survivors of sexualised violence comprehensive support<http://www.medicamondiale.org/en/what-we-do/news/news-details/evaluation-2013-2016-shows-medica-gjakova-in-kosovo-offers-survivors-of-sexualised-violence-compr.html>: In Autumn 2015, medica mondiale commissioned two external consultants, Petra Scheuermann and Erinda Bllaca, to visit the women's rights organisation Medica Gjakova and evaluate the project which had been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and medica mondiale. Women are provided with psychological and medical assistance, as well as support to claim their right to compensation and help to secure their own livelihood. Read more Online<http://www.medicamondiale.org/en/what-we-do/news/news-details/evaluation-2013-2016-shows-medica-gjakova-in-kosovo-offers-survivors-of-sexualised-violence-compr.html>. [Source: medica mondiale-Evaluation and Quality Department].

A check-list for national strategies to end child marriage. Girls not brides, 2016<http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016_03-GNB-Check-list-for-National-Strategies.pdf>: This document provides a framework for analysing the process of developing national strategies to end child marriage-provides suggestions for what content might be included in these strategies, and highlights questions to consider for how they could be implemented. [Source: WUNRN].

What are the practices to identify and prioritize vulnerable populations affected by urban humanitarian emergencies? A systematic review protocol. Patel R, Phelps L, Sanderson D, King J. 2016<http://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/publications/what-are-the-practices-to-identify-and-prioritize-vulnerable-populations-affect-605166>: This document consolidates the practices (including tools, methods and metrics) reported by practitioners and academics to identify and prioritize vulnerable people, households or communities within populations affected by humanitarian emergencies, including those displaced within and to urban areas [Source: Oxfam].

Evaluation report  (2012-2015): improvements in the life situation of women and girls in eastern Congo who have been affected by sexualised and gender-based violence (SGBV)" Strong cooperation - How change can be achieved in  DR Congo<http://www.medicamondiale.org/en/what-we-do/news/news-details/evaluation-2012-2015-strong-cooperation-how-change-can-be-achieved-in-congo.html>: This report encourages and motivates medica mondiale to continue this important cooperation with PAIF (Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Féminines) in order to enhance the essential process of combating the causes and consequences of sexualised and gender-specific violence in Congo.

III.              Websites

Virtual Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women - UN Women<http://www.endvawnow.org/en/>: This is an online resource in English, French and Spanish, designed to serve the needs of policymakers, programme implementers and other practitioners dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls. The Centre is an initiative of UN Women, bringing together the valuable contributions of expert organizations and individuals, governments, United Nations sister agencies, and a wide range of relevant actors. [Source: WUNRN].

IV.              Research opportunities, grants and funding

Call for applications: Post-2015 Women's Coalition Steering Committee<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17BKQ8_bwByexau2sJkPysLEXlz-BB48Yvx2YqM83-Jo/viewform?c=0&w=1>: Women's Coalition is holding an open call for women's rights and feminist advocates interested in joining its Steering Committee as it enters into its second phase of work. To get a background of the discussions that initiated the process, review the report from the strategy session held 11-12 Match 2016 here<file:///C:\Users\Lizle\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Outlook\DUGINEQN\bit.ly\1WcUXtA>. Apply Online<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17BKQ8_bwByexau2sJkPysLEXlz-BB48Yvx2YqM83-Jo/viewform?c=0&w=1>. Application deadline: 20 May 2016. [Source: Women's Coalition].

Funding opportunity:  Mama Cash's 2016 grant application<http://www.awid.org/node/5509>: Mama Cash will receive letters of interest from feminist and/or women's rights groups who are not current grantee-partners. Mama Cash focuses on three broad thematic areas - Body, Money and Voice - and they support groups whose work falls within them. View selection criteria here<http://www.mamacash.org/apply-for-a-grant/womens-girls-and-trans-groups/do-you-meet-mama-cashs-criteria/>. Application deadline: 31 May 2016. [Source: AWID Resources].

V.                Advocacy and awareness-raising

Blog: sexual assault in Universities-those excluded from the dialogue<http://www.huffingtonpost.com/pierre-r-berastain/sexual-assault-in-univers_b_9552014.html?utm_hp_ref=breakingthesilence>: Within the last two years, sexual assault on college campuses has made the national spotlight. Currently, the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education is investigating 208 cases of civil rights violations from the handling of sexual assault reports at 167 colleges. The author of this blog offers a brief examination of the realities and concerns of traditionally overlooked diverse student populations. [Source: Huffington post].

VI.              News

When Rape kits run out of time: why statutes of limitation also matter, Women's eNews, 27 April 2016<http://womensenews.org/2016/04/when-rape-kits-run-out-of-time-why-statutes-of-limitation-also-matter/>: If a rape victim gets justice, she will make a better recovery. That is what testing the U.S. backlog of rape kits will make possible; along with exonerating the falsely accused and identifying serial rapists still at large.

Google maps-style harassment tool launched to tackle sexual violence, IT Pro, 25 April 2016<http://www.itpro.co.uk/strategy/26424/google-maps-style-harassment-tool-launched-to-tackle-sexual-violence>: An interactive map will expose the worst spots for harassment in the UK as part of a wider national campaign to help people speak out against sexual violence and harassment.

10 groups impacted by sexual assault that you probably don't hear about, TeenVogue, 25 April 2016<http://www.teenvogue.com/story/sexual-assault-groups-you-dont-hear-about>: Sexual violence is incredibly widespread, and touches all races, sexual orientations, and gender identities. It happens at all ages and in all places. The perpetrators aren't always strange men - they're also women, friends, even significant others.

Rape trauma is too serious not to know our safety options, Women's eNews, 21 April 2016<http://womensenews.org/2016/04/rape-trauma-is-too-serious-not-to-know-our-safety-options/>: Novel interventions are springing up across college campuses to help young women prevent and even recover from rape. They are not a substitute for educating males and holding perpetrators accountable. But their benefits should still be appreciated.

VII.           Events

Webinar: #PowerInPrevention- Ending Child Sexual Abuse Web Conference Series<http://www.preventconnect.org/2016/04/technology-strategies-for-ending-child-sexual-exploitation/>: This web conference focuses on how to use technology to reach people we don't usually see as part of prevention- those accessing child pornography/child sexual abuse images and strategies to persuade them to stop and seek help. Register Online<https://calcasa.ilinc.com/perl/ilinc/lms/register.pl?activity_id=pcbwyxf&user_id=>. [Source: Prevent-Connect].

Women Deliver Conference 2016, 16-19 May 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark<http://wd2016.org/about/>: This is the largest gathering on girls' and women's health and rights in the last decade, and it is one of the first major global conferences following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [Source: WUNRN].

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm

VIII.      Vacancies

Results Based Management/M&E Consultant<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/results-based-managementme-consultant> / UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict / New York, USA / Closing date: 29 April 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Project Advisor - Safe Cities<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/project-advisor-safe-cities> / Actionaid International / Kinshasa, DRC / Closing date: 01 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Executive Director<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/executive-director-5> / Advancing Girls' Education in Africa Inc. / Washington DC, USA / Closing date: 01 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Human Rights Intern<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/human-rights-intern> / Women's International League for Peace and Freedom / Geneva, Switzerland / Closing date: 03 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) Manager (Maternity Cover)<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/women-human-rights-defenders-whrd-manager-maternity-cover-awid> / AWID / Global / Closing date: 08 May 2016.  [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Consultancy-End of Project Evaluation of an Early Childhood Development Project<http://www.parentinginafrica.org/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=130&Itemid=124> / Parenting in Africa Network / Closing date: 10 May 2016. [Source: PAN].

Caucasus Regional Manager<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/caucasus-regional-manager> / International Alert / London, UK / Closing date: 13 May 2016.  [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Pan-African Program Director<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/pan-african-program-director> / Oxfam International / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia / Closing date: 13 May 2016.  [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Executive Director - Africa<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/executive-director-africa> / Greenpeace Africa / Johannesburg, South Africa / Closing date: 13 May 2016.  [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Gender Specialist: WASH Activity<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/gender-specialist-wash-activity> / International Rescue Committee / Ethiopia / Closing date: 19 May 2016.  [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Gender Specialist: Ethiopia TRANSFORM: WASH Activity<http://chm.tbe.taleo.net/chm03/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=IRC&cws=1&rid=13649> / International Rescue Committee / Ethiopia / Closing date: 20 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Program Officer<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/program-officer-9> / Foundation for a Just Society / New York, USA / Closing date: 20 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Women's Protection and Empowerment Coordinator<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/womens-protection-empowerment-coordinator-0> / International Rescue Committee / Bangui, Central African Republic / Closing date: 20 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Global Research Coordinator<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/global-research-coordinator> / OutRight / Global / Closing date: 23 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Director-Child Abuse Programme<http://oakfnd.org/content/10331> / Oak Foundation / Geneva, Switzerland / Closing date: 31 May 2016. [Source: Oak Foundation].

Program Associate for Advocacy and Communications<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/program-associate-advocacy-communications-0> / Women's Learning Partnership / Bethesda, USA / Closing date: 31 May 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

State Policy and Advocacy Assistant<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/state-policy-advocacy-assistant> / Center for Reproductive Rights / New York, USA / Closing date: 10 June 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Senior Accounting Manager - Global Offices<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/senior-accounting-manager-global-offices> / Center for Reproductive Rights / New York, USA / Closing date: 19 June 2016. [Source: AWID Jobs eNews].

Technical Advisor, Women's Protection and Empowerment<http://chm.tbe.taleo.net/chm03/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=IRC&cws=1&rid=13627> / International Rescue Committee / New York, USA / Closing date: 30 June 2016. [Source: IRC].

Gender-Based Violence in Conflict Researcher and Advocate<http://www.awid.org/get-involved/gender-based-violence-conflict-researcher-advocate> / MADRE / Global / Closing date: Open until filled. [Source: AWID jobs eNews].

Program Director, At-risk Adolescents Health Program<https://healthright.org/program-director-risk-adolescents-health-program/> / HealthRight International / New York, USA / Closing date: Open until filled. [Source: HealthRight International].

Director of Program Development<https://healthright.org/director-of-program-development/> / HealthRight International / New York, USA / Closing date: Open until filled. [Source: HealthRight International].


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative is hosted by the Medical Research Council, South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and generate empirical data to ensure sexual violence is recognized as a priority public health problem.  To learn more about the SVRI visit our website www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org> or contact us at svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>

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Please circulate these resources widely.

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