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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research and resources. If you would like to have your sexual violence related resources included in the Update, please send your materials to svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org>. Please note that the SVRI Updates are also available on our Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexual-Violence-Research-Initiative/71822396561?fref=ts> page.

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

I.                     SVRI Forum 2017 News

II.                   Journal articles

III.                 Online publications and resources

IV.                Research opportunities, grants and funding

V.                  Advocacy and awareness raising

VI.                News

VII.               Events

VIII.             Vacancies

I.                SVRI Forum 2017 News

1.       Early registration closes 1 July 2017!

The SVRI Forum 2017 early registration closes on 1 July - do not miss out on the 11% discount. This year, the global forum will be held at the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2017/general.htm>, Rio, Brazil on 18-21 September 2017. It brings together over 450 delegates from around the world who are working to understand, prevent and respond to sexual and intimate partner violence. Get your registration together to be part of this important global conference.

  1.  Introducing Key note speakers

This year, the SVRI brings together over 450 researchers, gender activists, funders, policy makers, service providers, practitioners and survivors from all corners of the world to share innovative research on prevention and response to gender based violence. The event will feature 5 guest speakers, and this week we are pleased to introduce to you, Brisa De Angulo.

Brisa De Angulo is CEO and founder of A Breeze of Hope Foundation/Centro Una Brisa de Esperanza, which is Bolivia's first center providing free transdisciplinary legal, social, and psychological services to child survivors of sexual violence. Brisa is a pioneer in her field, having successfully implemented for 13 years a child-directed service model that focuses on access to justice, personal healing, relational healing, political participation, economic independence, and education. Brisa has used her 17 years of experience working with early childhood education and 13 years of experience working with sexual violence prevention to refine her model and share best practices with advocates throughout her region. Since opening in 2004, Brisa's center has maintained a 95% conviction rate in the hundreds of criminal trails it has managed, has educated over 85,000 people (including government officials) in sexual violence prevention, and has provided free direct services to over 1,600 child survivors and their supportive family members.

Brisa is also a powerful advocate before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Brisa's sustained efforts are helping to reshape Bolivia's justice system and improve its treatment of child survivors. Brisa is also co-author of 10 books on sexual violence and childhood development and has conducted landmark research on sexual violence in Bolivia.

Read more about SVRI Forum 2017 here<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2017/index.htm>

The deadline for early registration is 1 July 2017.

We look forward to seeing you all in Rio!

II.              Journal articles

Please note, to obtain a full copy of a journal article you may write to the author given as the contact person by the respective publishing house to request a copy.

Harnessing the power of South-South partnerships to build capacity for the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence. Dartnall E, Gever A. African Safety Promotion Journal, 15(1), 1-15, 2017<http://www.svri.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2017-06-26/Harnessing%20the%20power%20of%20South_Dartnall%20et%20al.pdf>: This paper describes a transnational South-South partnership capacity building project in East Africa for primary prevention research and intervention development. It provides important insights and lessons learned for others considering undertaking similar types of projects.

"Talking about child sexual abuse would have helped me": young people who sexually abused reflect on preventing harmful sexual behaviour. McKibbin G, Humphreys C, Hamilton B. Child Abuse Negl. 70, 210-221, 2017<https://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_553348_24>: The aim of this study was to draw on the insights of young people who had been sexually abusive to enhance the current prevention agenda. [Source: Safetylit].

Associations of mental and behavioral problems among children exposed to intimate partner violence previously and visits with their fathers who perpetrated the violence. Kita S, Haruna M, Yamaji M, Matsuzaki M, Kamibeppu K. Open J. Nurs. 7(3), e361, 2017<https://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_553218_24>: This study aims to identify the mental and behavioural effects of past exposure to intimate partner violence among children and examine their associations with the children's visits with their fathers who perpetrated the intimate partner violence. [Source: Safetylit].

Intimate partner violence in male survivors of child maltreatment: a meta-analysis. Godbout N, Vaillancourt-Morel M.P, Bigras N, Briere J, Hébert M, Runtz M, Sabourin S. Trauma Violence Abuse. ePub, 2017<https://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_553507_24>: In this study, authors evaluate five different forms of child maltreatment (sexual, physical, and psychological abuses, neglect, and witnessing intimate partner violence) as they predict sexual, psychological, and physical intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization in men. [Source: Safetylit].

A scoping review of intimate partner violence assistance programmes within health care settings. Sprague S, Scott T, Garibaldi A, Bzovsky S, Slobogean G.P, McKay P, Spurr H, Arseneau E, Memon M, Bhandari M, Swaminathan A. Eur J Psychotraumatol. 8(1), ePub, 2017<https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28649297>:  This scoping review provides an overview of literature on intimate partner violence assistance programmes within health care settings to identify key areas for potential evidence-based recommendations and to focus research priorities. [Source: PubMed].

The social sciences and the web: From 'Lurking' to interdisciplinary 'Big Data' research. Bone J, Emele C.D, Abdul A, Coghill G, Pang W. Methodological Innovations. ePub, 2016:<http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/2059799116630665> This article provides a reflection on the theoretical and practical experience of engaging in online research, from fledgling involvement to embarking on a current collaborative interdisciplinary project. [Source: Sage Publications].

III.            Online publications and resources

Community engagement in SGBV prevention and response: A compendium of interventions in the East & Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region. Mirghani Z, Karugaba J, Martin-Archard N, Undie C, Birungi H. Population Council. 2017<http://www.popcouncil.org/uploads/pdfs/2017RH_CommunityEngagementSGBV.pdf>: This report captures efforts by UNHCR and its partners in promoting community engagement in combating sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the East and Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region. [Source: Population Council].

Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) programme manuals. WHO. 2017<http://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/violence/child/PLH-manuals/en/index1.html>: PLH is a suite of parenting programmes for preventing child maltreatment and promoting the well-being of children and parents in particular in low-resource settings. Currently, there are teen and child manuals available. [Source: WHO].

The advisors of policy makers: Who are they, how do they handle scientific knowledge and what can we learn about how to share such knowledge with them? Knowledge sharing and public policy series. Montréal and Québec, Canada: National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy. Morestin, F. (2017)<http://www.ncchpp.ca/docs/2017_PC-KS_ConseillersAdvisors_EN.pdf>: To improve understanding of the role of public policy makers, this document describes the profile of such advisors, the work they do, particularly as it relates to scientific knowledge, and their influence both on how knowledge circulates in the political sphere and on public policy development. [Source: SAMRC].

Briefing series: "Taking action to address child marriage - The role of different sectors. International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Girls Not Brides. 2016<http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/resource-centre/child-marriage-brief-role-of-sectors/>: This series of 10 briefs provides a short, accessible introduction to incorporating and measuring child marriage prevention and response throughout the programme lifecycle within a variety of sectoral and cross-sectoral programming. [Source: Girls Not Brides].

Guidelines for integrating gender into an M&E framework and system assessment. Measure Evaluation. 2016<https://www.measureevaluation.org/resources/publications/tr-16-128-en>: This document describes how to make each component of a functioning monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system gender-sensitive and provides guidance on how to assess an M&E system to ensure that gender is fully integrated throughout the system for appropriate collection, compilation, analysis, dissemination, and use of gender data for decision making. Document also available in French<https://www.measureevaluation.org/resources/publications/tr-16-128-fr>. [Source: Measure Evaluation].

IV.            Research opportunities, grants and funding

Call for applications: South Asia Women's Fund - Strengthening South Asian feminist movements programme 2017-18<http://www.sawf.info/index.php?r=whatWeDo/grantMaking>: The South Asia Women's Fund (SAWF) is currently accepting applications from interested women and trans rights groups, organisations and activists for its 2017-18 Strengthening South Asian Feminist Movements programme with an aim to support the voices and leadership of those facing multiple discriminations, working within difficult contexts and circumstances. Closing date: 30 June 2017. [Source: SAWF].

Call for proposals: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives<https://www2.fundsforngos.org/environment-conservation-climate-change-and-ecology/high-commission-of-canada-in-kenya-canada-fund-for-local-initiatives-2017-2018/>: The High Commission of Canada in Kenya is seeking proposals for its Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) 2017-2018 with an aim to support gender equality and empowerment of women and girls. The average contribution is expected to be in the range of CAD $15,000-$20,000 for each individual project. Larger projects may be considered on an exceptional basis. The average duration of a CFLI project is six consecutive months, with all project activities to be completed by February 28, 2018. However, longer projects may be considered on a case by case basis. Closing date: 7 July 2017. [Source: FundsforNGOs].

Funding opportunity: Raliance Impact Grants to end sexual violence<http://www.raliance.org/>: Through this funding opportunity, Raliance seeks to advance promising, replicable practices or policies that: 1) improve the response to victims of sexual violence; 2) reduce the likelihood of perpetration of sexual violence; or 3) strengthen communities' and organizations' capacity to create safe environments. Closing date 20 July 2017. [Source: Prevent Connect].

V.              Advocacy and awareness raising

Blog: Building capacity for research, 26 June 2017<http://www.svri.org/blog/building-capacity-research>: In this blogpost, Elizabeth Dartnall and Anik Gevers discuss the importance of building capacity for research, more especially increasing awareness among policy-makers, funders and others that evidence is needed to inform their work.

Data for development: The case for information, not just data, 26 June 2017<https://www.cfr.org/blog-post/data-development-case-information-not-just-data>: When it comes to development, more data is often better-but in the quest for more data, we can often forget about ensuring we have information, which is even more valuable. Information is data that have been recorded, classified, organized, analyzed, interpreted, and translated within a framework so that meaning emerges. At the end of the day, information is what guides action and change. [Source: Together For Girls].

VI.            News

UYDEL was selected to attend the SVRI young researchers program in Brazil, SVRI News, 27 June 2017<http://www.svri.org/news/uydel-was-selected-attend-svri-young-researchers-program-brazil>: Two young researchers and a facilitator from the NGO Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) were selected to attend a young researchers program as part of the SVRI Forum 2017 to be held from 18 - 21 September in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The selected individuals will engage in dialogue and share their experiences in using the Self Protection Program and conducting participatory research activities on violence against children in order to facilitate learning on how best to enable young people to play active roles in undertaking research on sensitive topics, especially in the area of sexual violence.

How domestic violence affects women and children after separation, ABC News, 23 June 2017:<http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/how-domestic-violence-affects-women-children-after-separation/8644102> We all know the stats - nearly one woman a week dies at the hands of their current or former partner. One in three will experience physical or sexual violence from someone she knows, and 15 per cent from an ex-partner.

Child marriage is no more in Trinidad & Tobago, Global Voices, 12 June 2017<https://globalvoices.org/2017/06/12/child-marriage-is-no-more-in-trinidad-tobago/?utm_source=Girls+Not+Brides+Newsletters+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=87bccaddc3-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_06_21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a83e20c2e1-87bccaddc3-397998777>: Child marriage is now illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. On June 9, 2017, the country's parliament unanimously passed legislation to outlaw the practice, changing the legal marriage age to 18.

VII.          Events

Webinar: Transactional sex and HIV risk among young women in rural South Africa, 20 July 2017<http://strive.lshtm.ac.uk/news/transactional-sex-and-hiv-risk-among-young-women-rural-south-africa>: An analysis of baseline data from the HPTN 068 Swa Koteka Conditional Cash Transfer trial in rural north east South Africa showed that transactional sex was associated with an almost three-fold increased risk of being HIV positive in young women, after controlling for other risk factors. In this webinar, Dr Meghna Ranganathan will be describing key findings and implications from the HPTN 068 Swa Koteka Conditional Cash Transfer trial. [Source: What works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls Global Programme].

Webinar: Developing gender-sensitive M&E systems - A review of guidelines on how to integrate gender into an M&E framework and system assessment, 3 August 2017<https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1340f384e02d565d34538d7d4481ef37>: In this webinar, the presenters will discuss the importance of applying a gender lens to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) processes and structures and how to think about gender in the context of the development of an M&E system. [Source: Measure Evaluation].

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/event-calendar

VIII.        Vacancies

Reporting Associate<https://jobs.fundsforngos.org/administration/reporting-associate-unops-copenhagen-denmark/> / UNOPS / Copenhagen, Denmark / Closing date: 9 July 2017. [Source: FundsforNGOs].

Programme Support - Early Childhood Development (ECD) Capacity Building<https://jobs.fundsforngos.org/education/programme-support-early-childhood-development-ecd-capacity-building-unicef-thailand/> / UNICEF / Thailand / Closing date: 11 July 2017. [Source: FundsforNGOs].

Administrative Clerk<https://jobs.fundsforngos.org/administration/administrative-clerk-pretoria-south-africa/> / WHO / Pretoria, South Africa / Closing date: 19 July 2017. [Source: FundsforNGOs].

Gender Consultant for Gender, Social Inclusion and Conflict Mitigation Assessment and Strategy Development<https://www.awid.org/get-involved/gender-consultant-gender-social-inclusion-and-conflict-mitigation-assessment-and> / Banyan Global / Democratic Republic of the Congo / Closing date: Open until filled. [Source: AWID eNews Jobs].

Gender based violence specialist<http://www.svri.org/news/job-opportunity-gender-based-violence-specialist> / International Finance Corporation / Washington D.C, USA / Closing date: Open until filled. [Source: IFC].


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative is hosted by the Medical Research Council, South Africa. The SVRI aims to increase awareness and promote research on sexual violence and its linkages to other forms of violence to influence policy and practice, particularly in low and middle income countries. To learn more about the SVRI visit our website www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org> or contact us at svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>

To unsubscribe from the list, email svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>

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Please circulate these resources widely.

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