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    [cid:image002.jpg at 01D49301.BBA28E30] SVRI FORUM 2019: TIME IS NOW | 21-24 OCTOBER 2019| CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA[cid:image003.png at 01D49301.BBA28E30]

Conference and Workshops Registration Now OPEN:

The SVRI Forum Organising Committee is pleased to announce that the SVRI Forum 2019 registration is now open. Click here<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/fees.html> to register for the world's key research conference on violence against women and other forms of violence driven by gender inequality in low and middle-income countries. Early registration closes on 30 May 2019.

For more information, visit: SVRI Forum 2019<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/index.html>.

Abstract Submission:

SVRI Forum is an abstract driven event. Abstract submission closes on 25 January 2019. Submit your abstract online<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/abstracts.html>.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

The SVRI Forum Organising Committee is proud to announce exciting and informative pre-conference workshops<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/preworkshop.html> to be held on Monday, 21 October 2019. Please note that the workshops are not included in your registration and will need to be paid for separately. Workshops are charged at R600 per workshop. To register<https://events.samrc.ac.za/DelegateRegister.aspx?ConferenceID=1&ConferenceCode=SVRI19&ConferenceName=SVRI> for a workshop you must also be registered<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/fees.html> for SVRI Forum 2019. Workshop registration is on a first come, first serve basis - most workshops will take up to 30 delegates with the exception of the Story Telling<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/preworkshop.html#w10> which will run over two-days (20-21 October) for 10 people only.

Click here<http://www.svri.org/forums/forum2019/preworkshop.html> for more information.

For SVRI Forum 2019 social media updates Follow us on Twitter @TheSVRI<https://twitter.com/TheSVRI>, like our Facebook page @TheSVRI<https://www.facebook.com/TheSVRI/> with #SVRIForum2019 #TimeIsNow


#16DaysofActivism 2018 Blog Series: November 25th - December 10th marked the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence<http://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/take-action/16-days-of-activism>, and this year we featured our work, partners' and grantees' work in addressing gender based violence. Don't worry if you have missed the SVRI Update and social media updates with the blog series, we have provided links to the blog posts below for you to catch up, happy reading!

SVRI: Advancing research on violence against women and violence against children in low and middle-income countries<http://www.svri.org/blog/svri-advancing-research-violence-against-women-and-violence-against-children-low-and-middle>. Dartnall E, Gevers A. 10 December 2018.

Finding gender-based violence solutions in humanitarian settings<http://www.svri.org/blog/finding-gender-based-violence-solutions-humanitarian-settings>. Arango D.J, Dartnall E. 10 December 2018.

"A hug for the first time in fifteen years": the impact of a parenting programme for the early prevention of both spousal violence and violence against children in Uganda<http://www.svri.org/blog/%E2%80%9C-hug-first-time-fifteen-years%E2%80%9D-impact-parenting-programme-early-prevention-both-spousal>. Namutebi C, Siu G, Wight D. 7 December 2018.

On the CUSP: Global learning for sustained social norms change<http://www.svri.org/blog/cusp-global-learning-sustained-social-norms-change>. Community for Understanding Scale Up. 5 December 2018.

Educating on sexual and gender-based violence in Kyrgyzstan<http://www.svri.org/blog/educating-sexual-and-gender-based-violence-kyrgyzstan>. Kim E,  Karioris F.G. 5 December 2018.

Can economic empowerment reduce intimate partner violence?<http://www.svri.org/blog/can-economic-empowerment-reduce-intimate-partner-violence> Contreras-Urbina M, Owino S.A. 3 December 2018.

Designing ZonaSegura: a mobile solution to combat teen dating violence in Honduras<http://www.svri.org/blog/designing-zonasegura-mobile-solution-combat-teen-dating-violence-honduras>. Shea J. 30 November 2018.

Engaging young people in global events on sexual violence research<http://www.svri.org/blog/engaging-young-people-global-events-sexual-violence-research>. Moremi M, Dartnall E, Fitzhenry L. 28 November 2018.

Innovative research has an impact against gbv<http://www.svri.org/blog/innovative-research-has-impact-against-gbv>. Arango D.J, Dartnall E. 26 November 2018.



The weWomen and ourCircle randomized controlled trial protocol: a web-based intervention for immigrant, refugee and indigenous women with intimate partner violence experiences. Sabri B, Njie-Carr V.P.S, Messing J.T, Glass N, Brockie T, Hanson G, Case J, Campbell J.C. Contemp. Clin. Trials. ePub, 2018<https://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_599058_28>: This paper describes a study protocol for evaluating a culturally adapted web-based safety decision aid and safety planning (myPlan) intervention, entitled weWomen and ourCircle myPlan for immigrant, refugee and indigenous women. (Source: Safetylit).

Situational contexts and risk factors associated with incapacitated and non-incapacitated sexual assaults among college women. Gilbert L, Sarvet A.L, Wall M, Walsh K, Reardon L, Wilson P, Santelli J, Khan S, Thompson M, Hirsch J.S, Mellins C.A. J. Womens Health (Liebert). ePub, 2018<https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/jwh.2018.7191>: This study examines and compares the different settings, coercion methods, and relationships in which incapacitated and non-incapacitated sexual assaults occur among undergraduate women. (Source: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers).

The intergenerational effects of intimate partner violence in pregnancy: mediating pathways and implications for prevention. Murray A.L, Kaiser D, Valdebenito S, Hughes C, Baban A, Fernando A.D, Madrid B, Ward C.L, Osafo J, Dunne M, Sikander S, Walker S, Van Thang V, Tomlinson M, Eisner M. Trauma Violence Abuse. ePub, 2018<https://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_599122_20>: In this review, authors draw together evidence on major pathways linking exposure to prenatal intimate partner violence (P-IPV) and child outcomes, arguing that these pathways represent potential targets to improve P-IPV intervention efforts. (Source: Safetylit).

Disability status, intimate partner violence and perceived social support among married women in three districts of the Terai region of Nepal. Gupta J, Cardoso L.F, Ferguson G, Shrestha B, Shrestha P.N, Harris C, Groce N, Clark C.J. BMJ Glob. Health. 3(5), ePub, 2018<https://gh.bmj.com/content/3/5/e000934>:  This study seeks to examine the associations between severity of disability impairment, past-year intimate partner violence, past-year in-law violence and perceived social support among married women in Nepal. (Source: BMJ Journals).

Cluster randomized trial of comprehensive gender-based violence programming delivered through the HIV/AIDS program platform in Mbeya Region, Tanzania: Tathmini GBV study. Settergren SK, Mujaya S, Rida W, Kajula LJ, Kamugisha H, Kilonzo Mbwambo J, Kisanga F, Mizinduko MM, Dunbar MS, Mwandalima I, Wazee H, Prieto D, Mullick S, Erie J, Castor D. PLoS One. 13(12), ePub, 2018<https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0206074>: This study demonstrates the feasibility of integrating a comprehensive gender based violence (GBV) prevention and response program within an HIV/AIDS program platform and the effectiveness of the program in fostering community-wide changes in attitudes and norms regarding GBV and violence against children, increasing community actions to address violence, and increasing utilization of GBV services at health facilities. (Source: PLoS ONE).



Engaging men and boys in violence prevention. Flood M. Global Masculinities. 2019<https://www.palgrave.com/la/book/9781137442109>: This book focuses on engaging men and boys in the prevention of domestic violence, sexual violence, and harassment and abuse. (Source: Queensland University of Technology School of Justice).

What lies beneath? Tackling the roots of religious resistance to ending child marriage. Le roux e, Palm S. Stellenbosch University, Girls Not Brides. 2018<https://www.girlsnotbrides.org/resource-centre/what-lies-beneath-tackling-the-roots-of-religious-resistance-to-ending-child-marriage/>: This research explores why and how some religious leaders resist efforts to end child marriage, and what strategies can be used by organisations who face this challenge. (Source: Girls Not Brides).

WHO: Addressing violence against women - Key achievements and priorities. World Health Organization. 2018<https://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/publications/violence/adressing-vaw-achievements-priorities/en/>: This report presents the World Health Organization's key achievements and priorities in the coming years to address violence against women. (Source: WHO).

GBViE Minimum Standards Poster. UNFPA. 2015:<https://www.unfpa.org/resources/gbvie-minimum-standards-poster> This poster lays out the basics of the Minimum Standards for prevention and response to gender based violence in emergency settings. Available in English<https://www.unfpa.org/sites/default/files/resource-pdf/GBViE.MS_.Poster.FINAL_.ENG.pdf> and French<https://www.unfpa.org/sites/default/files/resource-pdf/Minimum_Standards_poster_FRENCH.pdf>. (Source: UNFPA).



Call for Proposals<https://www.womenfundgeorgia.org/ka/WhatWeDo/Grantmaking/3448>: Women's Fund in Georgia - Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Protection. Deadline: 27 December 2018.

Call for Applications<http://www.trust.org/media-development/opportunities/?sfid=a05D000000nR5TGIA0&sfProgId=a15D0000018xMNYIA2&areaOfFocus=Equality%20and%20Tolerance>: Thomson Reuters Foundation - Improving Gender Reporting in Cambodia. Deadline: 18 January 2019.

Call for Entries<https://dartcenter.org/resources/call-entries-2019-dart-awards>: 2019 Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma. Deadline: 30 January 2019.

Call for Applications<https://wagner.nyu.edu/leadership/development/projects/ghana/application-process>: Ghanaian Women's Social Leadership Program. Deadline: 3 February 2019.

Call for Applications<https://www.canadianwomen.org/our-work/annual-violence-prevention-grants-2019/>: Canadian Women's Foundation - 2019-2020 Annual Violence Prevention Grants. Deadline: 4 February 2019.




  *   Re-Envisioning Community Norms: Social norms change as a sexual and domestic violence prevention strategy, 19 December 2018, 2-3:30pm EST<http://www.preventconnect.org/2018/12/re-envisioning-community-norms-social-norms-change-as-a-sexual-and-domestic-violence-prevention-strategy/>: In this webinar, presenters will explore how changing norms requires comprehensive actions across where we live, work, and play. Through norms change we can move toward equity, accountability, and justice and a more expansive understanding of gender - all rooted in respect for people to live free from violence.

  *   2019 NASPA Strategies Conferences, 17-19 January, Washington DC, USA<https://www.naspa.org/events/2019Strategies/>: The Conferences will provide student affairs practitioners with the knowledge and skills to effectively address collegiate alcohol and drug abuse prevention, mental health, sexual violence prevention and response, and well-being through a variety of comprehensive and integrative approaches.

  *   Running groups with men who use intimate partner violence: essential skills for groupwork facilitators training course, 22-29 and 29-31 January 2019, London, UK<http://respect.uk.net/event/running-groups-with-men-who-use-intimate-partner-violence-essential-skills-for-groupwork-facilitators-training-course/?mc_cid=2949986729&mc_eid=2c5bc58ee4>: This course aims to give participants the skills they need to become a confident group work facilitator, who can motivate perpetrators to change their abusive behavior.

*         Research Interns x 3<http://www.ngopulse.org/opportunity/2018/11/21/research-interns>, Youth Development Institute of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa - Closing date: 14 December 2018.

*         Program Associate on Women<https://www.awid.org/get-involved/program-associate-women-peace-and-security?utm_source=emailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jobs&utm_content=EN>, Peace and Security, UN Women,  Kabul, Afghanistan - Closing date: 23 December 2018.

*         Assistant Program Officer<https://www.awid.org/get-involved/assistant-program-officer?utm_source=emailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jobs&utm_content=EN>, Prospera International Network of Women's Funds, Ottawa, Canada - Closing date: 31 December 2018.

*         Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Senior Officer<https://www.awid.org/get-involved/monitoring-evaluation-and-learning-senior-officer?utm_source=emailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jobs&utm_content=EN>, Girls Not Brides, London, UK - Closing date: 2 January 2019.

*         Editorial and Brand Management Assistant<https://www.awid.org/get-involved/editorial-brand-management-assistant?utm_source=emailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Jobs&utm_content=EN>, Promundo, Washington, USA - Closing date: 4 January 2019.


*      The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize is about helping the survivors of sexual violence<https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2018/12/10/the-2018-nobel-peace-prize-is-about-helping-the-survivors-of-sexual-violence/?utm_term=.151028a32ea4>, The Washington Post, 10 December 2018.

*      Delivering contraceptive services in humanitarian settings<https://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/publications/humanitarian-settings-contraception/en/>, WHO HRP News, 7 December 2018.

*      Justice elusive to victims of gender-based violence<http://www.ipsnews.net/2018/11/justice-elusive-victims-gender-based-violence/>, IPS News, 28 November 2018.


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses
The Sexual Violence Research Initiative is hosted by the Medical Research Council, South Africa. The SVRI aims to increase awareness and promote research on sexual violence and its linkages to other forms of violence to influence policy and practice, particularly in low and middle-income countries. To learn more about the SVRI visit our website www.svri.org<http://www.svri.org> or contact us at svri at mrc.ac.za<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>

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